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HOURS (Eastern Time): Monday - Thursday 7 to 12:00, 1:00 to 4:00
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We Manufacture Precast Concrete Molds for the Precast Concrete Industry Along with
Septic Tank Delivery Rigs, and Vault Handlers

Some of our molds are shown below: Burial Vault, Catch Basin, DBox, Lids, Livestock Trough, Median Barrier, Parking Block, Planter Box, Risers, Septic Tank, Storm Shelter, Utility Pad, etc.

Precast Concrete Molds

We are a family owned business serving the precast concrete industry with quality forms such as concrete in ground and above ground storm shelter forms, burial vault forms for burial work, parking block forms for parking lots, decorative and plain Jersey barrier forms, livestock trough forms, and cattle guard forms for livestock, etc. since 1963. Of course we make many more varieties of form/molds, just click on molds/forms above to navigate to them.

For over 50 years Bethlehem Manufacturing/Molds of Bethlehem has proven to be a leader in quality and craftsmanship at affordable pricing. If you don't see what you need here, just give us a call and we will customize to your special needs.

Our precast concrete mold line includes everything from burial vault forms to water basin molds also called catch basin forms. We have standard Precast Concrete forms and we also customize our concrete molds to your specs.

Our molds/forms are designed to pour with no air, no hydraulics, no hammering, and no special tools. Our molds/forms have a fall-away inner core with the simplest breakdown. It is as simple as opening the doors! We have on site, our plant owned shear and brake for customizing to your exact needs. Many of our forms have no particular size like shrub planter boxes. Just give us your size and we will quote you by phone, email, fax, or US mail. Some customers will fax or email us drawings and pictures to get quotes on custom concrete molds.

Besides mold/forms like septic tank forms, we also have accessories like storm shelter doors and vault coatings for our urn forms and burial vault forms. We also include vault handlers which we call vault buggies and used septic tank forms for sale along with our hydraulic septic tank truck rigs. Own your own forms, no franchise necessary. We furnish our customers with scaled auto cad drawings for their products in US and Metric. We handle all the paperwork for state approvals, technical support, and service. We take pride in our company and our service is second to none. We service anywhere freight can be accepted. We have customers as far as the Virgin Islands. Most replacement parts are in stock.

If you are looking for an experienced proven original, who stays in front because of experience and solid relationships dating back to 3rd generation pre-casters, look no further.

Need to sell your Bethlehem equipment? We can help. Our customers can list their equipment for sale on our website.

Customer Reviews

My dad started our business over 40 years ago and he purchased our molds from Bethlehem Manfufacturing.The molds have been used and taken care of. Finally, after 40 years, we ordered new molds. The quality of today’s molds is better than those of 40 years ago!
- Justin
We have had our Bethlehem Manufacturing molds for over 25 years. After some minor refurbishing and clean up, we were able to sell our molds for more than we paid for them originally. They were in great working condition and will last someone else for many more years to come.
- Andrew
Septic Tank truck beds are the best invention other than a backhoe, that was ever invented... Our truckbed has outlasted 2 truck chassis and is now mounted on the 3rd truck chassis and still going strong!
- Todd