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For over 50 years our rigs have proven to be a leader in quality and craftsmanship at affordable pricing. We offer rigs from 12,000 to 20,000 pound capacities. The booms have a self-contained trolley device, which allows the snatch blocks to retract up within the structure for maximum lifting clearance.

Our outrigger system is installed as independent as possible for the purpose of less stress to the overall rear A-Frame structure, and allowing for quick maintenance. The outriggers are set back from the rear of the bed to possibly reduce bank cave-ins at the job-site. The fully hydraulic independent valving allows for total control over movement and pressure settings for individual moving components.

Easy access to a pressure check setting tee and easy access to controls allow for your in-house inspection and maintenance program. Our technical assistance program is handled by owner-operated personnel. If you are looking for an experienced proven original, who stays in front because of experience and client relationships going back three generations, look no further.

If you don't see what you need here, just give us a call at 800-659-7815 or 828-495-7731 and we will customize to your special needs.